A customized comprehensive program that includes disease prevention and ongoing care for optimizing patients health and wellness. Optimizing nutrition, activity, hormones and stress management. The Longevity Program includes regular nutritional counseling, personal training, ongoing lab evaluations and physician interaction. Education and an individual approach makes this program unique Anti-Aging Medicine. The program is about achieving lifelong health and vitality and peak performance.

The Longevity Program is a twelve month minimum program that begins with Dr Hellman’s Executive Physical to obtain a comprehensive health assessment.


Joovv-Red Light Therapy 

Health Benefits: Improves Skin Quality, Cognitive Function, Physical Performance, Muscle Recovery, Collagen Production and Anti- Inflammatory. 

Enhance your health with FDA class II red light therapy and infrared LED light therapy from Joovv. The device delivers medical grade power only requiring twenty minute treatment times. Visit www.joovv.com for more information. 

Infrared Sauna 

Health Benefits: Detoxification, Relaxation, Weight Loss, and Pain Relief

Detoxification: The Sunlighten Sauna is designed to promote a deep healthy sweat which is one of the most natural ways to heal. Detoxification helps to purify your skin because of increased circulation creating improvements in blood flow allowing for a boost in your skin’s overall appearance. 

Relaxation: In the warmth and comfort of the Sunlighten Sauna your body can relax and let the stress melt away. Studies have shown stress has a high impact on memory problems, anxiety, and learning difficulties. The relaxation and low stress levels can also benefit in creating a consistent healthy blood pressure.

Weight Loss: Sweating is a key part of weight loss. By sitting in the Sunlighten Sauna your body can sweat out all of the bad fatty cell toxins.

Pain Relief: The heat from the Sunlighten Sauna helps to relieve tension relaxing the muscles. As the heat targets muscle and joint tissue it increases circulation to reduce soreness. With an increase in circulation muscles have a quicker recovery time after regular workouts.

Sunlighten Suana

Sunlighten’s patented ADA-compliant technology uses Solocarbon heaters to provide the highest quantity and quality of infrared heat. Their technology provides ultra low EMF for ultimate safety. The Solocarbon panels energy is 95%  in the therapeutic range to increase core body temperature being the active ingredient to increase health benefits.

  • Sleep problems

  • Weight gain

  • Reduced muscle mass

  • Body contour and appearance problems

  • Wrinkles, sagging, and dry skin

We offer a comprehensive age management program that treats your entire body in order to combat the effects of aging. Our anti-aging program is a customized treatment plan that combines several modalities. Dr. Hellman addresses numerous issues including lifestyle, hormone imbalances, lack of sexual interest, hot flashes, menopausal symptoms, low testosterone, low energy levels, mood swings, sleep issues, and reduced muscle mass with or without weight gain. These problems may occur on their own or in combination with each other and other age-related issues such as body contouring struggles and skin imperfections – all of which can be addressed through a personalized treatment plan.