Eliminate toxins that prevent optimal health

Detoxification eliminates metabolic and environmental toxins that prevent optimal health.

Detoxification can be a central therapy to improve and optimize health. Detoxification is a process that removes toxic substances or qualities. The human body has an innate system designed to neutralize and remove toxins. These toxins can be external such as pollutants, heavy metals, and radiation or internally produced metabolic byproducts and waste. Unfortunately many toxins are stored in fatty tissue for which the body has no metabolic removal mechanism. Overwhelming the bodies physiological detoxification system can negatively affect a persons health. Toxins can alter genetic expression. Disrupt the endocrine system, disrupt the enzymatic processes, and cause direct neurological damage. Additionally some reports suggest 80% of all cancer is due to environmental toxin exposure. If clinically necessary Aspen Grey is uniquely prepared and trained to address this issue.