Thrive physically and mentally

Meaningful motion can prevent disease and debilitating injuries and improve quality of life.

If the benefits of movement came in a pill it would be the most prescribed pill on the planet. Motion benefits both the body and mind. It is considered the modern day version of Ponce de Leon’s fountain of youth. Daily movement can control weight, reduce the cardiovascular risk, reduce the risk of diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and cancer. Build muscle and strengthen bones and improve mental health and mood.

Motion creates positive emotion. Dr. Hellman understands first hand the difficulty incorporating exercise into a healthy lifestyle. For this reason Aspen Grey will focus on Meaningful Exercise. Meaning Exercise is a program that optimizes time and exercise strategy. It will be individualized to the patients health goal and lifestyle. It will focus on maximizing patient time an energy with the most efficient current scientific methods to reduce body fat, increase muscle tone, improve balance and strength, and improve overall heath status. Meaningful Exercise confers major longevity benefits. The return on investment is very powerful.

Exercise can be considered the modern day fountain of youth benefiting body and mind. Moving the body is one of the fastest ways to improve mood and emotion. However Dr Hellman understands from his firsthand experience with a busy lifestyle that fitting in daily exercise in can be challenging. That’s why his practice focuses on Meaningful Motion. He believes staying active confers major longevity benefits. Recent studies show that just a little bit of movement reduced mortality rate by 20%. In that same study published in AMA Internal Medicine found that vigorous activity was more strongly linked to a decreased risk of death than moderate intensity activity. Dr. Hellman focuses on optimizing patients time and energy ensuring reduced body fat, increased muscle tone, better balance and strength, improved heart health, lower blood pressure, improved brain function, improved bone health, improved mood, increased energy, decreased risk of cancer, type 2 diabetes and other chronic conditions. The list is long and return on investment is very powerful.